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New year new look

I have redesigned my personal website a few times before. Never thought I would do another one so soon until I saw some personal portfolio sites that looks very elegant and minimalist. I looovve minimalist design. And so, I got inspired to have a major website makeover. A 2021 redesign!

Previously the mobile view layout uses a popover horizontal menubar with the hamburger menu button floating on the bottom right corner of the screen. This makes sense ergonomically as it is within the comfortable reach of the thumb when user is holding the phone. How more convenient can it be?

Eventually I got sick of the design, it looks too material-ui. Don’t get me wrong, I like the framework. But it does not grow on me at all, nuh uh. It does not look timeless at all.

For the redesign, I eventually settled on a footer navbar, imitating one of the website that I stumbled upon. Oh why didn’t I think of this before? It’s simple. Less js to load. Paradise.

Body font size

On the old design, way before the old screenshot that you see right here. I had all the font size dialed up to a notch. The header font was big (You can see it in the old mobile view), the body font was big, every text looks bigger than norm for the sake of comfort reading. Big is the trend. Small is outdated. But like they always say in fashion: it always come back around. Small is now back in the menu. Default font is timeless.

I’m a subscriber of mfw design philosophy. No more overriding css framework’s body font. Less data to transmit to the server. Lighter website, etcetera. All in the name of timeless elegant minimalism.

I think my website is one step closer to achieving that understated look.

Old 2020 look


Old 2020 mobile view


New 2021 😻


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