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Easy Way to Add Comments to Jekyll Blog

For the longest time I’ve been looking for a simple comment system for my jekyll blog. I think I am picky as there weren’t any simple and free commenting system in the market, at least the ones that fit my need.

Disqus is well known but cluttered and riddled with ads. commento mirror my needs the closest but does not offer free options. The self-host option uses sql database which is not my preference. Others offer free tier but are too glitter for my taste. Hosting comments in Github is way too much friction for my liking.

At the end I finally took the time to make one myself.


Introducing opino, it comes from the word opine, but instead of e it’s o. And it may be the simplest way to add commenting to your page, be it a static site or CMS.

How To

  1. Register an account to get your unique siteIdentifier.
  2. Add the two lines of code to the html page you want the comment to show up.
  3. Manage the comments via cms.

Who should use it?

Anyone who value data privacy, tinker open source projects, wants zero friction in submitting comment, or appreciate simplicity.

If you prefer to let someone host the comments, or DIY it by hooking it up to your own REST API backend service for comment database.


I intend to make it free forever by offering a free tier. There might be a paid plan in the future if we start to see some heavy duty user using this service.

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