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Quick Editing Feature for New Blogger Theme

The infamous pencil icon is missing from the new Emporio, Contempo, Soho and Notable Themes released by Blogger.

Here is a quickfix.

Create a bookmark link in the bookmark toolbar, and enter the following in the URL field.


To use it, go to the page/post that you want to edit, then press the bookmarklet, the online text editor should pop up in another tab.

If you want to compiled the javascript code yourself into a booklet, below is the source code:

    function onclicka() {
        var str = document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].innerHTML;
        var w;
        var urla = window.location.href

        if (urla.includes("")) {
            var v = str.split("targetBlogID=")[1];
            w = v.substring(0, v.indexOf("&"));
        if (urla.includes("")) {
            var k = str.split("static_page', 'pageId': '")[1];
            var b = k.substring(0, k.indexOf("', '"));
            urla = "" + w + "#editor/target=page;pageID=" + b;
  , '_blank');
        }else if (urla.includes("")) {
            var r = str.split("postId': '")[1];
            var z = r.substring(0, r.indexOf("', '"));
            var url = "" + w + "#editor/target=post;postID=" + z;
  , '_blank');
<a class="" onclick="onclicka()">Click me</a>

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